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Do you deliver anywhere in Australia?
Yes we deliver to any postal address.

What should I do if someone/my dog eats an oxygen absorber?
Approved oxygen absorbers are not toxic if swallowed. Just drink some water.

How do I know what strength Oxygen Absorber I need?
The following is one method and is used as a guideline only.
If you are vacuum sealing your container then you are already removing about 90-99% of the air anyway, so the height will be very small, like 0.5cm:
Total volume of air (Va) = length (L) x width (w) x height (h), in centimeter
Example: Va = 40 x 21 x 0.25 = 210 ml of air.
Next you need to calculate the amount of oxygen in this air, if there is about 20% oxygen in air.
The volume of oxygen (Vo) to absorb is: 210 * 0.2 = 42 ml
or the equivalent of a 50cc oxygen absorber.

What are the dimensions of your oxygen absorbers?
The most common size, 100c, measures 46mm (Length) x 40mm (Width) x approximately 2mm (Thickness)

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